Yoga that lets you feel more at home in your body and mind

“Do a little, often.” Dr. Richard Miller of “IRest Program for Healing PTSD”


I believe in yoga that helps you feel good. My classes focus on releasing muscular tension, increasing flexibility and range of motion and meditation. Allowing you to become more "responsive" and less "reactive" in your life.

I specialize in...

  • Yoga Nidra and Meditation
  • Creative Vinyasa Yoga
  • Gentle Hatha and Restorative Yoga
  • Chair and Desk Yoga for the workplace
  • Partner Yoga
  • Aerial Yoga and the Yoga Trapeze
  • Yin and Gravity Yoga
  • Hot Yoga 26 & 2
  • Kids and Family Yoga
  • Buti Yoga

“Finding ease in mind, body and soul.”

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Monday/Friday: 9am to 5pm